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2009 NFL Week 14 Picks and Predictions – NFL Picks Week 14

2009 NFL Week 14 Picks and Predictions – NFL Picks Week 14

I feel 2009 NFL Week 13 was a quite weird. Did Oakland beat Pittsburgh? Did New Orleans and Washington go to overtime? Does really Brett Favre looks human?

Any way, NFL Week 14 continues to entertain. The AFC wildcard race is completely up for grabs as is the AFC East and West divisional races and the NFC East and West have some uncertainty at the top.

Here are 2009 NFL Week 14 picks & predictions:

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland, 8:20PM ET

The Steelers have lost four in a row. This clearly tells how far Pittsburgh has fallen. However, they are playing the Browns and will get a win to stay relevant in the wildcard race.

Pittsburgh 20, Cleveland 10

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

New Orleans vs. Atlanta, 1:00PM ET

With Matt Ryan back the Falcons will be more in competitive spirit than they were in NFL Week 13. Against the Redskins, after seeing the Saints exposures this could be a challenging contest.  Still the Saints are the Saints, you can not pick against them until they give a lawful reason.

New Orleans 31, Atlanta 21

Detroit vs. Baltimore, 1:00PM ET

The Lions rank near the bottom. If Baltimore hopes to stay in the playoff race, then they will need this one.

Baltimore 24, Detroit 13

2009 NFL week 14 Predictions

Green Bay vs. Chicago, 1:00PM ET

If the Bears win, then they win against low level opponents. The Packers are better but a low level opponent. Green Bay stays in the game and constantly works whether they win or lose.

Green Bay 20, Chicago 13

Seattle vs. Houston, 1:00PM ET

Last week, the Seahawks posted a win against the 49ers. However, they were less than dominant in their endeavors. The Texans are toughest division in the NFL and need to prove this time.

Houston 27, Seattle 17

Miami vs. Jacksonville, 1:00PM ET, CBS

5-1 home record for the Jaguars. They are tied for the lead in the wildcard. The Dolphins are coming off of a confidence with their win over the Patriots. These teams are evenly matched and will play a close contest.

Jacksonville 20, Miami 17

NY Jets vs. Tampa Bay, 1:00PM ET, CBS

The Jets have ranked in first in defense and the Buccaneers are bad.

NY Jets 24, Tampa Bay 10

Carolina vs. New England, 1:00PM ET

The Patriots are mortal in NFL season. Tom Brady had a throw for 352 yards but when they were in need, the New England defense could not come up with a stop.

New England 28, Carolina 17

Cincinnati vs. Minnesota, 1:00PM ET, CBS

I think the best featured match up of the week. Cincinnati has changed its position scorer to a meager defensive squad. Last week, Minnesota took a beating but still carries a more balanced team.

Minnesota 24, Cincinnati 17

Buffalo vs. Kansas City, 1:00PM ET, CBS

On Thursday Night, the Bills lost a tough one but still they have a respectable crowd.  We never know when Kansas City is going to have a decent game there by to surprise an opponent.

Buffalo 17, Kansas City 13

Denver vs. Indianapolis, 1:00PM ET, CBS

Broncos did not turn things around last week. Against the sad Chiefs, they may play. Indianapolis continues to impress still.

Indianapolis 30, Denver 17

St. Louis vs. Tennessee, 4:05PM ET

In the 2010 NFL Draft, Rams are continuing to compete for the #1 pick. Titans may not be there yet but are definitely better than the Rams.

Tennessee 35, St. Louis 20

Washington vs. Oakland, 4:05PM ET

With a new QB at the helm for the Raiders, it is hard to judge just how good or bad they are. The Redskins should have a much better record and their semi respectable defense will shut down the inconsistent Oakland offense.

Washington 21, Oakland 12

San Diego vs. Dallas, 4:15PM ET

The Chargers have been on a roll while the Cowboys have been all over the page. So far this NFL season Dallas has been hardnosed at home. San Diego has been playing equally well on the road. The consistency of the Chargers will tip the scales here.

San Diego 24, Dallas 21

Philadelphia vs. NY Giants, 8:20PM ET

Just when you thought the Giants were toast they come back with a win to stay in the thick of things. Statistically New York has a better team but the record says otherwise. The Eagles have been rolling along nicely lately and will carry that momentum into Week 14.

Philadelphia 27, NY Giants 20

Monday, December 14th

Arizona vs. San Francisco, 8:30PM ET

A week ago this was building up to be a much more interesting game. Unfortunately for the 49ers they made some poor end of game decisions in Week 13 that could have cost them a playoff spot.

Arizona 31, San Francisco 17

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