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2010 fifa soccer world cup in south africa and lessons about life

What can we learn from the 2010 Fifa world cup in Soccer from the Serbian and German teams?

Yesterday I was so upset watching the Serbian national soccer team play in South Africa at the 2010 Fifa World Cup. Since I have been a full time entrepreneur, finding lessens from experiences has been something of value for me. So what can we learn from the world cup and some of it’s teams?

Well lets start with Serbia, the country I was born in and where I use to play soccer for my village in Central Serbia. In the qualifications for the last world cup, Serbia won all the games and received only 1 goal. That was amazing. I think Serbia was ranked like #8 in the world before the world cup started. Then they arrived for the 2006 world cup in Germany and lost all of the games (every single one!). Out of 32 teams Serbia finished DEAD LAST!

The spoiled Serbian multi-millionaires from the rich and fancy European soccer clubs who are super stars on TV and have their own billion dollar brands and following walked out on the field worse then Opera Primadonna. There was one guy I think his name is Mihajlovic, who wouldn’t run after the ball unless it was thrown to him on a silver platter. If there ever was entitlement mentality, the Serbian national team had it! And they went “bankrupt”. Doesn’t that remind us of real life?

Fast forward 4 years. Again, Serbia won most of the games, finished #1 in it’s European group (ahead of World Champs France). Again the spoiled Serbs lost in the opening against Ghana. Here is another parallel to real life. In the interview after the match, they started blaming others like the referee for example or luck etc… IT WASN’T THEIR FAULT, they said after the match! Loser’s blame others, winners take responsibility! You can fail at the game and be a winner. It’s not failure if you take responsibility and learn from it, implement and improve. All winners in business where losers at a few trials (or even businesses), but learned from it and took responsibility and then and only then, became winners!

Now lets take a look at the German national soccer team. They don’t have as much talent like the Serbs have. But they go out there and even when they are loosing run like mad men after the ball even when the pass sucks, they run after it and often get it. They run not till the 90th minute, they run till after that! THE GERMANS NEVER EVER GIVE UP! And often they win. Yesterday they won by the largest margin then any team so far in the world cup! I remember Serbia leading against Spain 3:0 or something like that and stopped running and loosing the game! You have to focus and work hard ALL THE TIME! The Germans teach us that better then anyone!

And when the Germans loose a game, they get up and win the next one. When the Germans are down, and I have been watching Germany play for 30 years now, they have been down time and time again, but come back and win often, because they get up and get going!

So what is the lesson here? MENTAL MINDSET IS MORE IMPORTANT THEN TALENT! That is good news for those who think they are not skilled or talented enough as an entrepreneur. Most people who are talented never make money online, because they behave like the Serbian national team which doesn’t want to focus and work for it. You have to be like the Germans, focused and run after the ball and work at it all the time! Keep the eye on the prize and you will make it!

NOTE TO THE FUTURE SERBIAN COACH: Hire Tony Robbins (or another motivational expert) and send the Serbian players to a seminar to get their mindset re-programmed and maybe Serbia can finally be a world champ once for a change. Your team sucks because their mental mindset is messed up! Get someone to fix it, and make it a condition for playing for the Serbian team! And when you loose – STOP BLAMING OTHERS – IT’S YOUR FAULT! There is no shame in failing, there is only shame at not giving 100% before you fail and learning from it! Grow up and take some responsibility!

Source by Dan Stojadinovic

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