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A Guide To Horse Racing At Oaklawn Park In Hot Springs, Arkansas

The sinewy thoroughbreds are corralled into the gates. You can hear your heart beating. Your horse and jockey nod to your position in the stands. They steal their resolve. Your pulse quickens. The animals settle into position. A moment of silence and then they’re off! You jump out of your seat. The voices in the crowd scream encouragement to their horses. A wall of powers and hooves crashes around the corner reaching, yearning for the finish line. They tear across the line, neck and neck: show, place and win. How did you fare? This unique brand of excitement can be repeated time and again at the world renown Oaklawn Race Track in historic Hot Springs Arkansas. Welcome to the start of the 2010 season.

During the new season, you can experience the thrills of racing every Thursday through Sunday at Oaklawn Park. Enjoy the excitement of horse racing and take your chances on a horse.  Enjoy your day and take home some winnings in the process.  

Each race session consists of nine races. Each race offers different course lengths with fresh horses. Breeding, track condition, jockey and race history help guide your choice for the winning horse. You can bet on all the races or just one , as long as you place your bet by the post time of each race. There is ample leisure time between runs to make you bet. Some enthusiasts enjoy laying out a day’s worth of bets before the first race. This strategy requires a lot of homework!

Enjoy a variety of betting combinations in just as many denominations. Place your bets on win, place and show for each event or mix and match races for bigger payouts.  Don’t worry about being a novice, the details are explained in the daily racing guide given to you when you show up at Oaklawn Race Track.

Prepare yourself before you attend by visiting the official website. On the site you will find info on the daily races alongside professional handicap guides.  Use the information to help pick a winner and get a head above the competition. Of course, with horse racing, nothing is for sure! You’ll also find a useful novice’s betting guide that explains each step of the betting process. If you’ve never experienced a horse race before, don’t be worried. The friendly Oaklawn staff is standing by to help answer all your questions.

While the excitement of the track tends to be the main event, don’t miss the opportunity next door at Oaklawn Gaming. Enjoy the thrills of playing poker and blackjack at the new facilities. Join a challenging tournament for players of all abilities happening each day. Hone your skills and cut loose for a while.

If you really want to get into it, play the horses while enjoying a poker game. For those of you who enjoy video poker, Oaklawn has even more to offer.  Once you build up an appetite, the expansive Lagniappe’s buffet is standing by to satisfy your needs. Whether you’re out with a group or on a romantic date with a special someone, a night at Oaklawn Track and Gaming is guaranteed to make some memories.

Wondering where to stay during your visit?  Historic Hot Springs offers a variety of tranquil lodging along the banks of Lake Hamilton.  Plan your day at the Track and enjoy a memorable weekend the in the heart of Arkansas’s oldest vacation hot spot.

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