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Can your team bounce back after relegation from the Championship?

At the start of a football season, there is nothing that a team and their fanbase fears more than the prospect of their team being relegated from the division that they currently play in. However, competition is tough, and if a team doesn’t perform to the standards that other teams do week in and week out, they usually find that themselves occupying one of their league’s relegation spots at the end of the season.

In England’s Championship, all of the team’s involved dream of performing to the best of their abilities and being one of the three teams that gains promotion to the illustrious Premiership at the end of the season. However, this can’t be the case every year, and just as three teams are promoted from the Championship ever season, three teams find themselves being relegated to League One.

This season Preston North End, Scunthorpe United and Sheffield United find themselves in the unfortunate position that they’ll be playing their football in not the Championship, but League One next year. Whilst League One still houses some of the biggest crowds in all of European football, and the standard of play is very high, the amount of money teams generate in the division and the prestige of playing in it, just isn’t the same as it would be in the Championship.

All three of these teams will be hoping to follow in the footsteps of teams like Norwich City, who after being relegated from the Championship in season 2008/09, managed to bounce right back in 2009/10, and will actually play in the Premiership next year, after finishing second in this year’s Championship.

This season in particular however, has shown that there are no teams in the Championship that are safe from relegation at the start of the season. Sheffield United are a team with a great footballing pedigree, and, if anything, many fans might have thought that they would be more likely to be playing in the Premiership than League One next year before this season started. Similarly, Preston North End had been the Championship’s longest-serving team before this season, having spent the 11 previous seasons in the division.

However, if the teams assume that they’ll be going straight back up next season, they could be in for a shock. Getting out of League One has proved a problem for many teams relegated from the division in past, and is not a task that any one of the three relegated teams will be relishing.

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