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Choosing New or Used Handicap Vans

For those seeking a means to increase their mobility and their quality of life, wheelchair vans can be excellent options.  However, you will need to consider your options carefully when buying such a vehicle.  There are several different items to consider here, and you will need to know a bit more about your options before you can make an informed decision regarding your needs.  What do you need to know?  What are the most important decisions?

The first thing you will need to decide is on the brand and type of van that you want.  For instance, Honda Odyssey wheelchair vans are enormously popular.  Honda is a brand synonymous with quality, durability, comfort and longevity.  Retrofitted Odyssey minivans can be excellent solutions for your mobility needs.  Of course, there are many other brands available, including those from the Big Three.  Next, you will need to determine if you want to buy new or used.  New vans are great options, but used handicap vans are more affordable.  In addition, “used” does not mean low quality, as you can find models that have been certified by expert technicians.

Next, you will want to make sure that the van features the best option in wheelchair lifts.  VMI is a well-known brand here, but there are others that are also of high quality that will stand the test of time.  Scooter lifts are vital considerations for those who rely on a power scooter to get around, rather than on a wheelchair.  IMED Mobility is one of the leaders in the accessible vehicle industry, and Tea, South Dakota residents can gain access to the aforementioned brands of scooter and wheelchair lifts through the dealership.

When searching for new or used handicap vans, you should also consider other pieces of mobility equipment.  If you will be riding (or driving) in your wheelchair, then wheelchair tie-downs and restraints are required to keep you secure on the road.  If you want to drive, then you will need to find a van that offers hand controls.  Another consideration might be a swing-out passenger seat, as well.  This allows you to enter the vehicle through the passenger front door, rather than through the sliding side door.

Regardless of whether you choose one of the Honda Odyssey wheelchair vans or a different model, make sure that you choose a dealer with a reputation for high quality products and top-notch service.  This will ensure that you have a good working relationship with the dealer for the life of the vehicle.

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