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Honest Review Of Sports Betting Champ

I love watching, playing, or even talking about sports with my friends. What I like even more than that is winning money from betting on sports. Some people claim they know who is going to win tonight’s game. They ask, “You wanna bet?” Well, now you can gladly take them on and win some money while doing it. There’s this betting system out there that claims to win 97% of NBA and MLB bets, and I can assure you it’s the real deal.

As far-fetched as it may sound, the Sports Betting Champ’s system really works. The system was designed by John Morrison, a PhD graduate in Statistics from Cornell University. As a sports lover himself, Morrison wanted to devise a system where he could continually win money from betting on sports, and it is now near perfection. He makes about $50,000 a week from his proven sports betting system, and in February 2009 alone, he made over $90,000. If you don’t believe him, just check out the real results. The 2007-2008 NBA season he finished with 80 wins and 1 loss! Come on, you can’t get much better than that! Well actually, yes he can. This past NBA season he went 78-0! A completely undefeated season! Also, during the 2008 MLB season he went 43-0.

When I first heard about this system, I was a total skeptic. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Some schmuck who claims to win 97% of his sports bets? It has to be fake. Boy, was I wrong. I mean, just take a look at thousands of real people who give real testimonials of his sports betting system. They are real people just like you and me, who decided to take the plunge to financial stability. I can’t give you the specifics of the way his system works, but it really does work. Let’s just say that if you’re looking for a sure fire way to make a substantial income, and maybe even quit your day job in the near future, look no further.

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