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Classic Betting Strategies – The Ascot System

The Ascot strategy is an old-time roulette system for use on even bets, that is bets that pay one for one. Odds/evens, 1 through 18/19 through 36, and red/black pay even money at the roulette table. The Ascot system can be used for other casino games which have even money …

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NC Cash 5 Lottery Tips – Learn How to Win Today

Don’t assume that you’re never going to win in the Cash 5 lottery. By applying effective strategies and tips into your game plan, you can actually win the jackpot without having to waste thousands of dollars on lotto pay slips. There are different kinds of lottery games, and this article …

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How To Conquer Blackjack

Blackjack Strategy Blackjack is a very appealing game to many people who are new to gambling. It is quite simple to learn and you always have a shot at winning. In this article I will share with you a few key tips that you may not know. Blackjack Tip #1: …

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Your Guide To Horse Betting Etiquette

Is there such a thing as horse betting etiquette? Yes there most definitely is. While you may see chaos at the betting windows with 2 minutes to post time, there is a dynamic at work. Here are 5 important items you need to know when you are betting horses at …

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How To Spot A Horse Racing Tipster Scam

I received an email recently from a new member to my betting advice service. She told me how she had fallen prey to one of the longest-running tipster scams around. Unfortunately this type of con is all too commonplace, and in this case made a victim of a lady with …

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