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The Benefits of a Handicap Accessible Van

Having use of a handicap vehicle can help to take the stress out of transportation and give you the freedom to enjoy travelling again. These vehicles allow you to drive yourself or to be transported by friends and family without the worry of how you will negotiate accessing and using the vehicle. There’s a huge amount of choice of vehicles available and which one you choose will depend on your budget and your individual requirements.

Once you’ve defined what you need from a handicap vehicle and decided on the budget you can then start to contact dealers and search online for your van. If you’re not sure if a van is the right handicap vehicle for you then check out a list of the top benefits of mobility vans below…

· Low floors

Vans for disabled users have low floors which make them much easier to access, especially if you have trouble with your legs. Even if you don’t use a wheelchair, low access vehicles will give you the confidence to use the vehicle without worrying about being able to get in and out of it.

· Ramp

Ramps are an ideal feature for mobility vans, especially for wheelchair users. Often vehicles with ramps have enough room inside so that wheelchair users can access the vehicle without leaving their wheelchairs. Most are very simple to use and automatically retract into the van once you’ve used them so you don’t have to worry about manually putting them away.

· Lift

A great alternative to a ramp, a lift allows you to access the vehicle with no extra effort so you can be completely confident that you can safely enter and exit the van. As with ramps, lifts usually retract automatically into the van.

· Storage

If you want a vehicle to drive and you’re a wheelchair user or use a frame to walk then it’s wise to choose a van with plenty or storage space. Vans can be fitted with a storage box on the roof which can automatically lift and store a wheelchair which means you can use the space in the back of the van for passengers, luggage and shopping.

· Space

Vans for the disabled have much more room than modified cars which means you can benefit from having room to manoeuvre in the vehicle which will make driving or being a passenger far more comfortable. Having a van also means that the whole family can join you for fun days out.

· Modified with extras to fit your requirements

Most wheelchair or handicap vans can be modified so that the accessibility features and driving technology fully suits your requirements. Many have auto controlled gearboxes which will make driving easier if you have issues with your hands or arms. The seat, door, controls and steering wheel can all be specially adapted to make driving easier. These vehicles can be altered as and when your requirements change which makes them a sound investment for the future.

The main benefit of investing in a mobility van is the freedom and independence you will have from knowing that you can drive wherever you want, whenever you like without having to rely on others.

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