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The Soccer Mom’S Addiction

The Soccer Mom’s Addiction Understanding why so many people resort to drugs is a very complex situation. There is no right or wrong answer to the problem. Drug abuse does not only effect the poor and uneducated, like many people think, drug abuse is becoming more and more popular among stay at home moms. The epidemic of crystal meth is becoming alarmingly high. Mom’s who have the best life in the world on the outside are dying on the inside. No one really knows when the epidemic started, but the number of cases is rising every year. Substance abuse effects stretch very far. Its reach not only affects those who are doing drugs, but those close to them. Kids especially, are now experiencing the effects. The family unit as a whole is being affected. Moms are letting their addiction get out of control. Moms are usually looked upon as being the strong one, the one that has things under control, the one that makes sure everyone has everything, but now Soccer moms are using drugs as an escape. It is their way of getting through the day. I think that the problem with the Soccer Mom’s addiction is that it is easily hidden. People do not expect the soccer mom to have any problems. Not only that, but the Soccer Mom’s in general do not want anyone to know that they do have a problem out of fear of what people would think. I think that if we take what Soccer mom used to be known as and make it into something a little more realistic, this problem may be reduced. There is also a level of denial that is happening now. Some Soccer mom’s do not want to believe they do have a problem, and until they acknowledge it, they will continue to self destruct. The family unit is the most important factor in drug abuse. These Soccer Moms do not feel as though they can turn to family because they do not want to disappoint them. There are so many levels that are intertwining themselves. Drug abuse is destroying the family, and in result destroying the stability that children need. Soccer Moms are part of a group that many refuse to admit have an addiction. They are not spoken about. The stereotypes that drug addiction only affect the poor and uneducated, that ignorance is going to continue to keep Soccer Moms from getting out of this self infected daze. If people start writing about it, the more Soccer Moms will want to come out and get help. If they do not feel people will help, and understand without judging them, they will continue to self destruct. Soccer Moms all over the world are crying out for help. It only takes one voice, one person to take a stand and help.

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