On 1st December 2010 two honorable judges of Supreme Court of India Mr. J.S.Singhvi and Mr. A.K.Ganguly commented on a ruling as corruption in India is spreaded across us like the deadliest disease cancer. It is more contaminated then the contaminated water of river Ganga. Citing a scam of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) in Orissa both of them criticized the union government of not taking any steps to prevent this type of huge corruption. In Orissa 74% of the total money sanctioned in this scheme had digested illegally by corrupt leaders, beaurocrats and officials.

Let’s have a look on the various scams of the largest democracy of world. The hottest and recent scam is 2G spectrum scam where the amount involved is above 1,76,000 crores of rupees. 85 Licensed companies including Mittal, Tata, Ambani and many more involved in this spectrum issue. It is very unfortunate that one of the corporate industrialists commented publicly that the political parties are likely their own shops. Corporate lobbyist Nira Radia’s annual income is more than 200 crores by simply doing a job of middle man ship (dalali). It is out of imagination that the amount of loss in 2G spectrum involved is more than one lakh seventy six thousand crores of rupees. In a poor country like India this amount can be utilized for a budget up to twenty years without any taxes, New employment up to 20 crores can be generated, Every village of India can be connected by a four lane road, Every Panchayat can have a doctor, every unemployed youth of this country can get a monthly stipend of two thousand rupees for the next twenty five years, more than fifty thousand small and middle size water irrigation projects can be made with this amount.

The mine scam in only Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka goes beyond one lakh crores of rupees. One hundred eighteen companies looted seventy thousand crores from Orissa’s mines. This amount can be utilized for the budget of the state five year plan. The scam amount in Uttar Pradesh in various government schemes like mid day meal scheme, total rural employment scheme is above two lakh crores of rupees. The food grains supposed for the BPL families are transported to Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and South Africa by illegal means. According to Economics if the number of rich people increases than the number of poor should decrease. In India the number of poor also increasing with the increase of rich people. In the last decade the number of BPL families has increased to twenty lakh in Orissa. One of the director of Swiss Bank commented that the deposited amount of Indian’s in Swiss Bank is above 30,00000 crores rupees. Other says it is above 1,30,00000 crores of rupees. According to Economist Dev kar 28, 00000 crores of rupees have been diverted to other countries from India in between 1948 to 2008. After 2009 this amount is above 4,00000 crores of rupees per annum.

What we can expect in a country where the politicians, beaurocrats, journalists, public sector officials, contractors, govt. employees starting from top to bottom are addicted with deadly disease of corruption. According to the 2009 report of transparency international in the list of 180 corrupted countries India’s number was 84. In 2010 the number comes down to 87. India is in the list of twenty most corrupted country in the world. In India if anyone can do corruption nicely then instead of jail he/she is a suitable candidate to go to the Indian parliament.  Out of 546 members of Parliament more than 200 members have a criminal record from all the political parties. From 2003 United Nation has passed a resolution as Convention against Corruption. According to this convention any countries who have signed this resolution have an authority to blacklist or withdraw the amount deposited by its own citizens illegally on a foreign Bank. But after seven years of implementation of this convention India has not signed yet.

Now in India the total population can be categorized into two such as Aam Aadmi (common man) and another one is Scam Aadmi (corrupted). From the first category 50% are illiterate, 75% are poor. They don’t have the capability to do any corruption. The second category Scam Aadmi belongs to all literate, powerful and a high position in the society. In India the number of cases registered per day in the office of Chief Vigilance Commissioner is nearly 70 and the figure in annum is near about 25550. According to the report of World Bank the Bribe amount involved for very small works of the common citizens in India is more than 22000 crores of rupees per annum. Now the political parties are not depending on the donations of its members for their functioning. Corporate sector is providing the necessary funds to all the political parties to buy the votes.

In India the biggest argument in support of liberalization was that after implementation there will be an end of Cota, Permit, License and Contract raj (rule). Corruption and illegal activity of black money will be minimized. But in reality before liberalization the amount involved in Bofor’s scam was only 62 crores while after liberalization the amount of eight biggest scams is above six lakh crores. These scams include 133 crores of Urea scam, Live stock food scam 950 crores, Stock market scam 4000 crores, Satyam scam 7000 crores, Stamp paper scam 43000 crores, Orissa mine scam 70,000 crore , Common wealth Games scam 50,000 crores, 2G spectrum scam is 1,76,000 crores and food grain scam two lakh crores of rupees. From these above datas it is no doubt that India is the strongest candidate to have the scam capital of World. The above datas are from a article published by Oriya daily news paper Sambad. I congratulate Dr.Bhagban Prasad for his dedication by providing these figures in a nice article.

Source by Tripati Narayan Mishra

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